As heavy snow, rainfall continues to batter Afghanistan, Taliban announces state of emergency

Kabul [Afghanistan], January 5 (ANI):-The Taliban have announced a state of emergency in Afghanistan as heavy snow and rainfall continues to batter the country, reported local media.

Provincial authorities have been directed by the Officials of the State Ministry for Disaster Management for further preparedness for rain and snowfall, reported Khaama Press.
Materials to the provinces have been sent to states to assist people during the snow and rainfall and their distribution is underway, said Muhammad Amin Mubariz, an official of the ministry.

Afghanistan’s 32 out of 34 provinces are witnessing repeated snow, rainfall and it has clogged routes. Due to the massive rainfall, floods also erupted in several provinces.

Meanwhile, Mubariz also said that the Ministry of the Public Work and some other private firms are also in touch with Disaster Management officials to reopen ways in case the ways closed due to heavy snowfall.

Salang highway that connects Kabul with Northern provinces has been left clogged due to heavy snowfall and wind, said Khaama Press.


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