Lukaku apologises to Chelsea fans, Tuchel days after suggesting he wants to join Inter Milan

London : Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku has apologised to the fans of the club, manager Thomas Tuchel and his teammates days after saying that he is unhappy with the club.

Lukaku is now set to return to the team going forward.

In an interview with Sky Sport Italia, Lukaku had said that he is unhappy with Tuchel’s way of managing Chelsea adding that he hopes to link up with his old club Inter Milan. “To the fans, I’m sorry for the upset that I caused. You guys know the connection that I have had with this club since my teenage years, so I totally understand you guys being upset. Obviously, it’s up to me now to restore your trust and I’ll do my best to show commitment every day on the training ground and in the games to make sure we win games,” Lukaku said in a video posted on the official Twitter handle of Chelsea.

“To the manager, I apologise and to my team-mates and the squad because I think it was not the right moment and I want to move forward from this make sure we start winning football games and that I perform for the team in the best manner,” he added.

Lukaku was left out of the Chelsea squad for Sunday’s Premier League clash against Liverpool.

Liverpool and Chelsea had played out a 2-2 draw on Sunday and Lukaku is now set to return to the team going forward.
Talking about Lukaku’s, Tuchel in a press conference said: “First of all, we are happy that we took the time to look calmly on it, this is what we did. He apologised and is back in the squad for training today. The most important thing was to understand and believe it was not intentional. There was never the slightest behaviour against the team. These are very important points to understand that it is not that big as people or you want it to be. It is also not small but small enough to stay calm, to accept an apology, and to move on.”

“He is aware of what happened and he created and feels the responsibility to clean the mess up but there may still be a smell of course. We are happy that he is our player and we will protect him. If someone strongly disagrees, this is about the team with everything we do,” he added. By ANI

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