Humla-The Humla District Hospital has installed a power generator with capacity of 50 kilowatt, ensuring a regular power supply.

Prior to this, the service seekers and health professionals in the hospital were facing hardships due to irregular power supply in the district of Humla.

Official Prem Singh said that the health professionals now can provide health care services in an accessible manner to the needy ones. In the past, treatment of the patients was not regular for lack of power supply, he shared.

“With the operation of the generator, health care services will be ensured round the clock,” Singh said.

The generator of 62.5 KVA was installed with support from the Karnali Province Government. The total cost of the generator installation is Rs 2.4 million.

The hospital said that the generator would be round the clock for the essential services. As the power generated from Hildum Small Hydropower Project is not regular in the district headquarters Simkot, the health professionals had to treat the patients even by lighting traditional lamps in the hospital.

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