Minister for Communications and Information Technology Gyanendra Bahadur Karki has said literature, art and music are effective tools to link country to the world.

Releasing a book at a programme organized by Nepal Academy of Fine Arts here Sunday, Minister Karki viewed the art and culture are significant properties of any country so the publicity of such treasures is imperative. Also the spokesperson of the government, Minister Karki reminded that the present government had aimed at ensuring peace, rule of law and good governance to build a prosperous nation. For making the country prosperous, art and culture have important role, he reiterated.

According to him, culture of buying book should be developed to make Nepali society a studious society.

On the occasion, he released the book ‘Samasyama Nepali Kala Ra Kalakar’ penned by Dr Ram Kumar Bhaukaji, ‘Social Political Dynamics of Nepalese Paintings (English)’ and ‘Nepali Murtikalama Thakur Prasad Mainali’ by Dr Yam Prasad Sharma.

Commenting on the book, art writer Mukesh Malla stressed the need for incorporating research-based articles in the book rather than the articles by artists.

Writer Dr Yam Prasad Sharma, Chancellor at Nepal Academy Fine Arts Kanchha Kumar Karmacharya and Member Secretary Bipin Kumar Ghimire also expressed views on the occasion.

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