Non-implementation of law worrying, speakers

Kathmandu-Speakers at a programme in Pokhara have expressed worry over non-implementation of constitutional system, which, they argued, resulted into increasing number of human rights violations.

The speakers at a discussion and orientation programme organized by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Wednesday urged the stakeholders concerned to ensure effective implementation of the laws. For it to happen, better coordination among three layers of government is imperative, they added.

NHRC Member Manoj Dawadi said the NHRC was working responsibly to ensure human rights to every citizen. The problems of citizenship are different in hilly area from Tarai area. He argued that as the citizenship act was pending in the parliament for long, many people were deprived of right to citizenship.

Coordinator at INSEC Province Office, Gandaki, Shiva Khakurel, shared the information that his office recorded total 125 women and 54 children were victims of human rights violation in the last six months in province. Among the violence occurred against children, 39 are rape, six sexual harassments, seven corporal punishments, one child marriage, and an infanticide.

Similarly, among the violence perpetrated against women, six are rape, six rape attempt, and one each sexual harassment, polygamy, and human trafficking, while domestic violence were recorded at 99. Khakurel further informed that deprivation of the rights of women and children, senior citizens, sexual minorities were prevalent. Other problems plaguing the society are caste discrimination and family split caused by foreign employment, among others.

Spokesperson at Pokhara Sub-Metropolis and chairperson of ward no 5 Dhan Bahadur Nepali said the Sub-Metropolis had formulated 124 laws and vowed to form coordination committee to ensure justice to victims and punishment to the perpetrators.

Other speakers underscored more active role of local levels to curb crimes and violence against women and children.

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