timle bolne boli

Kathmandu-Singer Ram Krishna Dhakal’s new song ‘Timle Bolne Boli’ has been released. Deepak Sharma’s music and Netra Koirala’s ‘Akash’ are in the public song after Valentine’s Day.

Actor Akash Shrestha and actress Khushbu Khadka are starring in the video of the song. The video is directed by Subrata Acharya. The video is choreographed by Deepak M Singh and filmed by Utsav Dahal. The arranger of the song edited by Ram Kumar Shrestha is Mohit Munal.

Singer Ram Krishna Dhakal said that the audience liked the audio and video of the song as it was good. Your speech will make Valentine’s Day special. Or the song is special to me, ‘he said.


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