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‘Omicron variant affects upper respiratory tract’

Kathmandu, Jan 12-The newly detected Omicron variant of COVID-19 is said to be more transmissible than of the previous Delta variant.

Though the Omicron variant is so far found to be less fatal, its spreading rate is faster.

According to Joint Spokesperson at the Ministry of Health and Population Dr Sameer Kumar Adhikari, the symptoms of the latest variant are alike of previously detected variants. The ongoing gene sequencing about COVID-19 shows the cases of Omicron variant have soared, suggesting its high transmissibility.

Ministry Spokesperson Dr Sangita Kaushal Mishra said this variant affects the upper respiratory tract unlike of past variants as they would have their implications in the lower respiratory tract or lungs. However, the further studies about the consequences of the variant are underway.

In the past one week, the virus affects 10 million people globally and the World Health Organisation suspects the highest contribution of Omicron variant to the soaring infections. The virus can infect the vaccinated people as well that’s why all should take precautions.
Itchy throat, breathing difficulty, sneezing, mild fever, congestion or runny nose are among the symptoms of Omicron variant.
Health professionals advise to follow all the health protocols against the virus.

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