40,000 fingerlings released in Narayani river

Chitwan, Jan 7-Forty thousand fish fries have been released in the Narayani river. The Natural Reservoir Fisheries Promotion and Conservation Centre, Hetauda, released this number of fish fries of Rahu and Naini species.

Office Chief Saroj Kumar Yadav said that the fish fries of indigenous species were released to conserve aquatic biodiversity increase income level of the community depending on natural reservoirs.

The office had released 40,000 fish fries in Narayani river last year as well as has set a plan to release fish fries in Syangja based Kali and Koshi river this time, added Yadav.

Before this, 34,000 fish fries were also released in Samari river of Makawanpur.

Yadav informed that they implemented the programme for the promotion of the living standard of the communities dependent on rivers for their livelihood through the protection and conservation of aquatic life and ecosystem. He said that aquatic life was coming under increasing threat sue to the discharge of drain directly in rivers and streams, poisoning, killing fish by using electric current and other harmful practices.

The Office, which has its working area from Mechi in the east to Mahakali in the west, has been carrying out study of rivers and streams, identifying the fish species that is at extreme risk and releasing the fingerlings of that species in the river.

The Office said the country has 401 thousand hectares water body area and out of the total 97 thousand metric tonnes fish produced in the country, 21 per cent are produced from freshwater bodies.

Yadav said 400 thousand people are dependent on natural water bodies for their livelihood. This programme has been implemented to raise the living standard of the Bote and Jalahari communities and other the fishing communities.

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