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45 contract coronavirus including teachers and students in single day

Tulsipur, Jan 6 (RSS):Tulsipur Sub-Metropolis in Dang has recorded 45 cases of corovirus infection including 15 among teachers and students combined in a single day- Thursday.

Fifteen teachers and students from Centre Secondary School, Tulsipur and 11 teachers and students from Gurujajur Secondary School were found contracted with coronavirus.

A local resources person for COVID-19 in the Sub-Metropolis, Bimal KC informed that among those infected ones, 25 are women and 20 the men. Similarly, they belong to the age group of 13 to 59. Out of 142 swab tests, 45 were found positive. With this, 84 persons have tested positive to coronavirus in the last four days in Tulsipur.

In order to ascertain whether they got omicron variant, swab samples have been set to Teku Laboratory.

Meanwhile, the Gurujajur Secondary School has been closed till January 11.

The number of schools reporting infection with coronavirus has reached five in Tulsipur metropolis.

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